Networks for Prosperity

Networks for Prosperity is an initiative by the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO). It was launched in 2011 in order to address the massive changes the UN system has undergone over the last ten years. The Networks for Prosperity aims to offer a more flexible and modern way of addressing the current global challenges through the ideas of networking and knowledge sharing.

Networks for Prosperity is not about creating another platform, but rather aims to work as a catalyst by the principles of coordination, cooperation and communication.

The initiative adds to the understanding of network governance and the influence of knowledge in development processes through in-depth research and empirical analysis. As such, it encourages existing networks to improve their performance through better understanding the complex managerial and developmental options in network governance, and inspires new networks where no suitable existing platform for exchanging knowledge exists.

The Networks for Prosperity initiative is funded by the Government of Spain through the MDG Achievement Fund and in collaboration with the Leuven Centre for Global Governance Studies as its global academic partner, with the aims to provide advice on knowledge management and network governance, focusing particularly on their influence on private sector development.

Find additional information on the Networks for Prosperity initiative here.

Networks for Prosperity